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There are really many differences between man and woman. One of the differences is about shopping. There is a saying goes, shopping is the nature of women. It is true that shopping for woman not only to buy the stuff they need, but also a relief of pressure. They may buy something that doesn’t necessary need, but may get happy during shopping. Shopping is more a emotional need for them. On the contrary, man will shop until they really need something. They shop for a specific purpose. That’s the difference.

In the past times, women are playing a role of household wives. They buy stuff for the family needs, such as the household items, daily necessities, and clothes for the family, and also include something for the use of her own, like buying gifts sending to her lovers or other friends or relatives, especially in special festivals. On the other hand, nowadays, as the booming development of economy and technology, new and fresh things are coming out every minute since the creation of human is so powerful. The appearance of various kinds of new style or new brands clothes or handbags and anything else is also an attraction for women to shopping. In addition, in contemporary times, women are no longer household wives, but also career women. They have to work to make much money due to the high economic pressure. Therefore, they have little time to go shopping. Therefore, they may turn to the online shops, for its time-saving, convenient and easy. They can buy things online according to their schedule. And the online shops always offer various kinds of coupons and promotions, which can make it possible to make a big discount to save much money.

For women, they always buy stuff through carefully calculation. They wish to buy high quality stuff with less money. They usually appeal to jewelry or other shiny things. Since the high price of these jewelries, which they can’t afford to buy them with their few salaries. The imitation jewelries come into the market. Considering their relatively cheap price and fine quality, many women prefer buying the imitation to the original. The imitation products are usually as delicate and beautiful as the original; they are quality products with rating.

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  • xiM Clutch:

    How would be the women there? How’s the evening existence? Food? Everything? I’m half west Indian and i’ll go to TnT the very first time in This summer…If somebody could tell me that might be great!

  • norrin_shadowwolf:

    My mother just switched 50 and i have to buy her a pleasant gift. She really just retrieved from cancer and so i need something unique (although not homemade). She buys her very own jewlery so nothing of this character. Cost max being around 100. She does not prepare either so no kitchen home appliances. Perhaps a nice perfume or something like that? But anyways i would like newer and more effective ideas. (Already comes with an Ipod device). Thanks!

  • soccermaster1:

    So far as straight males are worried we couldnt have enough (thats a genuine and blunt admission).

    Why do considered obscene when possibly it’s natures most breathtaking gift to mankind?

    I’am not speaking about degradation but simply a womans body.

    Why the hypocrisy about something which most straight males would consider more often than not?

    Edit:Lioness i cant observe how domination or controlling will bring any pleasure.

    Edit:Kate dear lady i’m able to happliy say you’re wrong most males dont objectify women but admire them.

    Beauty is based on your eyes from the beholder lady and i will tell you that admiring a lady is million occasions much better than watching porn.

  • Anny:

    I produce Digital Images of Character and Models (Real Women) our jobs are online.

  • Cliffy N:


    I am moving to Bermuda in the new year and I was wondering what kind of shops were in Bermuda, is there a major deparment store? What are the clothing stores liket etc etc.

    Any websites?

    Thank you

  • kiltakblog:

    I’m studying womanliness attending college and wishing for individuals ideas on lady within the place of work. My primary real question is

    Do career drive lady your male dominant career, lose their womanliness?

  • Mc L:

    I would like a wife with a career within an advanced-education area to complement the amount of my area (I am a physician, and so i want someone on a single intellectual level) but simultaneously I would like one child who does not need to spend his/her days in child care. Do you know the possible methods to this issue? Must i pick?

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